IN 1948

Hofmann Srl was set up in 1948 by Adolfo Hofmann, an aeronautical engineer.
Following a passionate hobby of his, he started out producing fishing tackle.

Sometime after, he started producing automatic machines and precision mechanical elements.

Since 1986, Hofmann has specialized exclusively in designing and manufacturing external fixators, orthopaedic prostheses, osteosynthesis products and surgical instruments.

In 2006, Hofmann began to manufacture implants and instruments for spinal surgery, which have become an increasingly important part of its production.


Hofmann srl’s vision may be summed up in four words, “Your project our experience”, a claim used some years ago now and which can be explained as follows:

Hofmann puts at the disposal of its customers the experience it has accumulated in many engineering and technical sectors in over 60 years in business, of which over 35 in the prosthesis and medical sector. It assists them in their development and production projects and is constantly mindful of the expectations and unique spirit that characterizes every customer.

The Company thus acts as Project Partner or Expert Contractor, depending on the customer’s needs.


Hofmann’s mission is based on a precise strategy.

Hofmann will operate above all in compliance with the law and the ethical code it has adopted, thus safeguarding the environment and the community in which it operates. In assisting its customers, Hofmann will try to satisfy their needs whilst pursuing its own vision and adequately remunerating its stakeholders, including everyone who has decided to work in or with the organization, at any level and in any role. The Company will achieve these objectives by operating a policy privileging innovation, ongoing investments and the maintenance of a broad spectrum of technological capabilities.