Hofmann adopted its first Quality Manual in 1992 and has extended and refined its quality management system over the years.

Quality procedures have become part of our corporate DNA and are rigorously applied by all our people.

Our quality assurance department is staffed by engineers and highly specialized and suitably trained technicians.

Product testing is carried out using state-of-the-art automatic and manual equipment.

Part of this team works on the regulatory aspects of quality and relation with certifiers and customers.


New processes must be validated to establish their reliability and enable us to develop effective control systems.

Our team of experts provides customers with statistical analysis and full validation reports on processes using internationally recognized methods.


We have a temperature controlled, hyperbaric metrology room with CMMs, optical measuring systems, profilometers and geometric compensated roughness testers.

All equipment is periodically tested by official certifiers to guarantee that measurements are always effective and precise.

Many other final and in-process measuring instruments are available and they are all kept under strict control by means of rigorous procedures tried and tested over time.


Hofmann has the following quality certifications and accreditations:

1. ISO 9001-2015

2. ISO 13485-2016

3. US FDA registration

4. BRAZILIAN ANVISA registration

This enables us to guarantee for our customers all over the world quality production in compliance with the major international standards.

TUV ISO 13485



For some years now we have had an ethical code defining the commitments and responsibilities of the Company and its collaborators in conducting business, whether they be directors, employees, or 3rd parties.

It also contains a set of principles and guidelines compliance with which is of fundamental importance for the achievement of our corporate and business objectives, the conduct of business operations, the reliability of the management and the Company’s image. Our internal rules guarantee that everyone working at Hofmann abides by such principles.